We only breed occasionally and do not breed dogs for an income. We have an occasional litter when a special breeding is planned that will epitomize the Coton de Tulear standard.

Dior puppies are raised in a loving, home environment that is planned for excellent puppy development.

Our Coton babies are exposed to an in-home, safe, clean and planned learning environment where each day, their experiences change and the toys and obstacles are varied.

Not only are they exposed to various toys, agility obstacles, floor surfaces and sounds, they are kept constantly clean and trained to puppy pads.  Keeping them and their area perfectly clean means they will be much easier to housebreak since they are used to always staying clean.  

They are picked up and fondled and moved to various positions, from their first day of life throughout their time at Dior.  They are held and played with by adults and children.  They get to romp outside daily and get babysat by Briards, making them confident with other dogs. Every aspect of puppy rearing is done to contribute to a healthy, happy and long-lived Coton.  

The puppies are not forced to be weaned, but rather, they are naturally weaned by their mother.  This means the puppies still nurse until somewhere around 8 weeks of age when the mother deems the correct time to wean them.  After that, the mother still stays with them to teach them manners and how to handle different experiences.  Prior to their weaning, they are gradually fed the highest grade holistic select dog food and organic foods specially designed to prepare their digestive tract for real food.

We follow the immunization schedule recommended by Dr. Jean Dodds, the foremost veterinary researcher in canine immunology.  This means your puppy will be protected from diseases, yet will not have a compromised immune system.

Here is a link that shows the type of puppy stimulation that we use.

Take a look at some of their experiences.  These photos show a sampling of Early Environmental  Enrichment which stimulates their learning, problem solving, small and large muscle coordination and tolerance to unusual circumstances.

Getting babysat by a Briard “Auntie Vivienne” makes us have confidence with other breeds of dogs.


We play with and walk over a “sounds” toy.
We walk on different floor surfaces.


We have fun walking up and down and standing on a wooden ramp.


We try out a metal ramp.
We learn that a crate can be safe, nice place.


We learn to use a puppy “pee” pad.
Auntie Satie is babysitting today!