Four weeks old and having our first solid meal together.  This is buffet style!

Now it’s nap time with our bellies as full as can be!


Here we are!  We are 2 weeks old in this photo and always looking for an empty nipple.  Mom takes really good care of us!  We all weigh around two pounds and growing…
Our eyes opened one day before we were two weeks old.  Now we can have a party!  We love to be close together and have just learned how to do quiet puppy barks.  When we are hungry we do little whimpers and mom immediately comes to our rescue.  She has PLENTY of good, wholesome MILK.  We love it when it flows really fast.  YUM!!!
Here’s a photo of my mom and all of us. When we were one day old, my dad sent my mom a basket of flowers. Inside the basket of flowers was a pack of Hebrew National hotdogs. In this photo, you can see that my mom checked out the basket of flowers and promptly took out one of the hot dogs to eat. Our mom has good manners and only ate one hot dog from the basket. She was careful not to eat the flowers!